To obtain a challenging position in a high-quality engineering and data science environment by delivering the results to the esteemed organization by innovative ideas and continuous grooming of skills and also the growth of the organization and become successful.

Technical Skills

  • Mark-up Languages:  HTML5, CSS3
  • Programming Skills:  C , C++ , Java, Python
  • Software Testing Skills:  Manual Testing, Performance Testing
  • Web Server Tools:  Xampp, Tomcat
  • Database:  MySQL
  • Software Tools used:  Eclipse, VS Code, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Jmeter
  • Web Application Dev Tools:  WordPress, Drupal(Open Source)
  • Operating System Used:  Windows Distro(Win 7 & Win 10), Linux Distro(Kali Linux 2.0 & Ubuntu)
  • Version Control System Used:  Git(Gitlab), BitBucket

Awards & Recognitions

  1. “Pratibha Puraskar” Award issued by Karnataka Arya Vyshya Mahasabha, sept-2019.
  2. “Best Student”Award issued by department of Computer Science and Engineering, PESCE, 2019.
  3. “Best Volunteer”Award issued by IEEE-PESCE, 2016-17.
4+ Years of Experience

Work Experience

Full Time Experience

  1. Currently Working as Software System Engineer-2 @ Dell Technologies, Bangalore
  2. Worked as an Implementation Engineer at SIXDEE TELECOM SOLUTIONS Pvt.Ltd (6D Technologies) in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. (July’19 – Nov 2021).


  1. Worked as Intern R&D for Four Months Internship in SIEMENS TECHNOLOGIES & SERVICES PVT.LTD, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.(2018-19).
  2. Worked as Intern for three Month in biTElite Technologies. PVT. Ltd, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. (2017-18).
  3. Worded as Online intern for the P.E.S. College of Science, Arts & Commerce Website in Mandya, Karnataka, India.

Part Time Experience

  1. Worked as Technical Trainer at BALC Computer Education. in Mandya, Karnataka, India. (2017-18).
  2. Worked as Technical Trainer at IT Information System in Mandya, Karnataka, India. (2016-18).
Real Time work ethics

Personal Projects

Contribution Project
A Project on LIBRARY CONTROL AUTHENTICATION was developed for the Departmental Library of Dept. of CS&E, P.E.S. College of Engineering, Mandya. During the year 2017-2018 under the guidance of Dr. Nagarathna and T M Ragavendra Babu.

Final Year Project
A project on BIOMEDICAL IMAGE SEGMENTATION USING CNN was developed using python along with machine learning concepts.
Abstract: A variety of DNN is applied in the segmentation of the medical images and has achieved acceptable performance. Unlike natural pictures, medical pictures of a similar imaging modality are characterized by a similar pattern that indicates the same traditional organs or tissues found at similar positions within the pictures. Thus, we tend to attempt to incorporate the previous information of medical pictures for correct segmentation into the structure of neural networks. Supporting this idea, we would like to propose a project paper on a deep network known as Segmentation and analysis of Lung organ using CNN. The segmentation operation is analyzed. Experiments validate our information assumption concerning the incorporation of previous information into the convolution kernels and to show that we have attained an affordable segmentation and a satisfactory accuracy.

Mini Project
A project on Blood bank and donor Management System was developed using mark-up Language(frontend), PHP(Backend), and MySQL(Database). This was developed in a team of three members.
Abstract:The main aim of this project was to build a bug-free application, where the existing application has its own drawbacks with respect to application automation and UI Features. To overcome all the drawbacks, we came up with the best application and awesome UI. This can be implemented for real-time usage.


1 Introduction to AWS machine learningAWS - CourseraONLINEView Certificate
2Introduction to Data Science in PythonCoursera(University of Michigan)ONLINEView Certificate
3Google Technical Support FundamentalsGoogle-CourseraONLINEView Certificate
4Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning FundamentalsGoogle- CourseraONLINEView Certificate
5Applied Plotting, Charting and Data Representation in PythonCoursera (University of Michigan)ONLINEView Certificate
6Fundamentals of PythonUdemyONLINEView Certificate


  1. HACKATHON (Code & Win) – Participated and secured second place in the month of April 2018 at P.E.S. College of Engineering, Mandya.
  2. South Zone Science Exhibition – Participated and achieved second place that took place in Mandya.
  3. State Level Science Quiz – Participated and secured first place in the month of November 2014 in Mandya.
  4. State Level Dance Competition– Participated and secured second place held in Mandya conducted by Kalaimani Dance School.
  5. State Level Inspiring Award– Science Exhibition held in the month of June 2012 & achieved the second place in Mandya.


  • Organized the State Level Hackathon “HACKMANIA 1.0” in Department of Computer Science & Engineering, PESCE, Mandya
  • Organized and Participated in the IOT Workshop hosted by Dept. of CS&E, PESCE, Mandya.
  • Participated in the “A New Emerging Technologies” Workshop hosted by Dept. of CS&E, PESCE, Mandya.
  • Participated and co-ordinated the CloudBull Workshop in Dept. of CS&E, PESCE, Mandya.
  • Participated in Winter Camp 2019 organized by FSMK at P.E.S. College of Engineering, Mandya.
  • Participated in the Python Workshop conducted by IEEE-PESCE.
  • Participated in Robotics Workshop conducted by IEEE-PESCE in collaboration with Robokart.
  • Participated in Winter Camp 2018 organized by FSMK at Rajiv Institute of Technology, Mandya.
  • articipated in the SWATAHA-2016 organized by GLUG-PESCE, Mandya.

Activities & Accomplishments

  1. Active member from five years and volunteer of Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineering(IEEE).
    • Active Member of IEEE Young Professional, Affinity group of IEEE Bangalore Section.
    • Execom member and Director of Social Activities in IEEE-PESCE Chapter during the year 2018-2019.
  2. Active member and volunteer of non-profit organisation Free Software Movement Karnataka(FSMK).
    • Active member and volunteer in GLUG-PESCE, Affinity student chapter of FSMK.
    • I was an Execom member for four years in GLUG and also as Regional Co-ordinator for GLUG during the year 2017-2018.
  3. Active Member and Execom of Developer Student Club(DSC) powered by Google during the year 2017-2018.
  4. I was in the part of Organizing team for the College Mega Event “Jnana Cauvery PESCO 2K18” and “Jnana Cauvery PESCO 2K19”.
  5. Internshala Student Partner ISP 9.0 and ISP 15.0 for P.E.S. College of Engineering, Mandya in the year 2017-18 and 2018-19 respectively.
  6. Organized and participated in the College Cultural Event “Avighnanothsav 2K17”, “Avighnanothsav 2K18” and “Avighnanothsav 2K19”.
  7. Active Member and Participated in ISTE Student Chapter and Red Cross Wing.